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Sustainability - Biltong Shed goes Green

CarbonClick Partnership

We at The Biltong Shed know that red meat has a really high carbon footprint - 1kg of raw beef has a carbon footprint of 27kg! And there's not much you can do directly about that. So we decided to offer our customers the ability to offset some of that when buying their favourite treat.

We're making an effort to use sustainable practices in every part of our business. We've teamed up with CarbonClick, a kiwi company making it easy for people and businesses to help fight climate change. CarbonClick looks like a green button at checkout. When a customer clicks, it adds a small contribution to their transaction, to purchase carbon offsets. These offsets help balance out the carbon emissions of the purchase. CarbonClick funds forest restoration, tree planting, and renewable energy projects in NZ and around the world. We're proud to be part of the fight against climate change. We'll be making our own contributions, and changing our practices to reduce our carbon footprint. We hope you'll join us by choosing CarbonClick with your purchase.

What else are we doing?

We use fantastic compostable courier bags from the NZ owned and operated www.r3pack.co.nz that are suitable for industrial AND home composting! No need to add to the landfill.

We use paper bags and paper stickers - even paper sticky tape to package up our paper boxes!

We don't include paper packing slips or receipts with orders, but email the order summaries to customers instead.

We use biodegradable rubbish bags.

We recycle waste produced by the Biltong Shed wherever possible - cardboard boxes, cans, and more. Luckily, we don't produce all that much - except the gloves (see below).

What are our pain points?

We realise that being a red meat product, we will always be a high carbon business. But this doesn't mean we throw our hands up and do nothing.

We are currently interested in solutions to our biggest form of waste: the single use food safety gloves we wear when packing your biltong. Any solutions, email us at thebiltongshed@gmail.com - we'd love to hear your ideas!